Origins & Development of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Madison Public Library – 201 W Mifflin St Rm 104

Presented by David Williams & Steve Wolvin of the Peregrine Forum

  • Thu Sep 25, 6:30 pm – 1880s to 1949:

The Zionist colonization, the British colonial regime, the 1948 War and the founding of Israel

  • Thu Oct 30, 6:30 pm – 1949-1982:

A dispossessed people, the Arab-Israeli conflict and wars of 1956, 1967, and 1982 and the evolution of the Palestinian National Movement

  • Thu Nov 13, 6:30 pm, 1983 to present:

Colonialism and apartheid in the Occupied Territories, the US-Israeli “Peace Process”, and the current impasse

  • Thu Feb 12, 6:30 pm 1948 War

More on the 1948 War: Was there a deliberate ethnic cleansing in “Israeli War of Independence”?

  • Thu Apr 9, 6:30 pm

 Info: or (608) 284-9082

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World War I & Its Century: Why This Defining Event Still Matters

The Great War a

Wed, Aug 27, 6-7 pm

Rainbow Bookstore Co-operative, 426 W Gilman St, Madison, WI

Historian Allen Ruff will speak about the century of sociopolitical impact on US society following World War I, especially how it affected African-Americans, and how war-time repression and other developments shaped the future of the US Left.

For more info contact: Allen Ruff (

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The Great War Centennial Project: World War I Study & Discussion Group

The Great War

The Great War Centennial Project to examine and commemorate World War I meets every Tuesday 7pm in rm 103 of the Madison Public Library at 201 W. Mifflin St.

For more information call (608) 212-6284.

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Radical Summer Skool!

New Classes at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative!

(events are free, all-ages, open to the public, and held at Rainbow Bookstore Co-operative, 426 W Gilman St, Madison WI)


Ready for Fall Gardening: Make Your Own Seed Tape

Wed, July 30, 7–8 PM

Just in time for fall planting, you’ll learn how to make your own seed tape! Seed tape is useful for planting smaller seeded vegetable such as lettuce, radishes, and carrots. Seed tape is expensive to purchase and rarely has the varieties that many gardeners want to try, so we will learn to make our own!

Supplies: Some seeds and scissors will be provided but participants are welcome to bring their own too.



Basic Bondage: Beginner Workshop in Kink

Fri, Aug 1, 7–8 PM

Topic(s): Sex & Sexuality    Description: This will be a workshop about basic kink – beginners bondage, simple knots, kink safety, desire and consent. Facilitator will demonstrate and others will have materials and folks to try them out on. We will explore whatever people want to try out as well as having a loose discussion/Q&A. This is meant to help promote sex positivity and a community of folks interested in kink and non-normative sexuality. It will be very queer and gender/sex non-normative positive, but it will be open to anyone who is interested. No sexist, homo/transphobic, racist, ableist attitudes allowed.

Supplies: Participants are encouraged to bring their own rope, but it is not required.

Contact: TK at


DIY Pannier Buckets for your Bike!

Sun, Aug 10, 1–2 PM

This will be a hands-on workshop to turn plastic buckets into versatile cargo-carrying bicycle panniers.

Supplies: Each bike bucket requires a used square or rectangular plastic bucket (Tidy Cats buckets work best) and about $5 worth of hardware. Participants are asked to bring their own supplies or RSVP in advance and bring money for supplies. The hardware for each bucket includes:
-2 large L-brackets
-8 1/2-inch #10 machine screws
-8 #10 lock nuts
-4 extra large metal washers
-1 swinging hook latch
-1 8″ bungee cord
-1 small pipe clamp



History of Radical Protest in the Midwest: Two Part Series!

Thu, Aug 7 and Thursday, August 14, 6:30–7:30 PM

Facilitator will present key episodes of radical protest history from the Midwest, drawing upon the the two previous Madison Free Skool discussion series held at Rainbow Bookstore. This will be a two part talk, with the first talk focusing on famous rural protests (Northwoods logging/mining strikes, 1933 Wisconsin milk dump, Bolt Weevils, anti-mine direct action), and the second half on famous urban protests (eight hour day fight, 1934 Minneapolis teamsters strike, Young Lords & Black Panthers, urban race “riots,” Minnehaha Free State). The format will be a facilitated discussion with advance readings for those who are interested (though certainly not required). Audio archives of many of the earlier Free Skool discussions, as well as electronic versions of some of the background material can also be found on the Madison Infoshop website:

Supplies: N/A

Contact: John Peck at


Social Justice Facilitation Skillshare

Wed, Aug 13, 6–7 PM

Topic(s): Activism, Racism/White Privilege    Details: Participants will practice facilitating difficult situations in social justice work. This event will support participants to have the difficult conversations we need, in order to slowly shift minds and hearts. Be ready for some hands-on work!

Supplies: N/A

Contact: Sasha Wijeyeratne at


Revenge of the Nerds: Inspiring Stories of Resistance via Geek Culture

Sat, Aug 16, 4–5 PM

Topic(s): Activism, Art, Poetry/Plays, Popular Culture/Media

Details: Hear inspiring stories of resistance and action conjured by geeks, nerds, dorks, and weirdos! Members of nerd subcultures have devised creative tactics to get word out about their struggles against capitalism, racism, sexism, environmental degradation, and more. Whether it’s the rousing speeches of Steampunk Emma Goldman at Occupy Wallstreet, a dramatic Viking attack on the corporate-sponsorship of museum exhibits, or glittery Hunger Games strikes on fracking profiteers, listen to these stories to get your own creative juices going! Maybe you’ll even hear about how Robin Hood and his Merry Men descended upon the Wisconsin Capitol a few years ago, and other local nerdy actions…

Supplies: This presentation will involve audiovisual components.

Contact: SarahTops at


Intersections of Racial Justice and Sustainability

Mon, Aug 25, 6:30–8:30 PM

Topic(s): Activism, African American/Black Studies, Education/Schools, Environment, Racism/White Privilege, Social Theory/Philosophy

Details: Globally, nationally, and locally two of the most significant movements today are the sustainability movement and the justice movement, both complex and contested framings for social change. Calls for analysis and action that integrates justice and sustainability have been increasing, and new initiatives emerging. Many justice and sustainability efforts and actors, however, continue to operate in isolation from, or perceived conflict with each other. An emerging perspective calls for “just sustainability” as an integrative framing for future learning, action, and system change.

This will be a session offering a safe space for dialogue and inquiry about potential intersections of racial justice and sustainability in Madison. After a brief introduction regarding “just sustainability,” participants will have an opportunity to share their passion(s) for sustainability and/or justice and their related work and experiences. Based on the expressed interests we will then dialogue about potential intersections of justice and sustainability for the issue interests that have been shared, and about the personal implications and challenges of these intersections. From these discussions we will consider the Madison context and opportunities it may afford for further dialogue and, or action on just sustainability.

Supplies: N/A

Contact: Boyd Rossing at


Queerpocalypse Comic Collective: Graphic Storytelling Workshop

Sat, Aug 30, 3–5 PM

Topic(s): Art, DIY, Zines/Self Publishing

Details: Draw, write, tell a story, and create the future! Generate new work, hang out with cool people, share resources and motivation, weave the network. Two hour long workshop with a break in the middle. Includes facilitated drawing and writing activities to get the brain juice flowing. This is a workshop intended to provide access to creative resources and to build community and skills among aspiring artists who like the combination of writing and drawing to tell diverse stories and narratives outside the mainstream. Intended for adults and teenagers.

Supplies: N/A but RSVP appreciated



Creating Rainbow Bookstore: The Beginning

Thu, Oct 9, 5–6 PM

Roger Horowitz, a founding member of Rainbow Bookstore, its first book buyer until 1991, and book buyer at People’s Bookstore from 1982-89, will discuss the history of Madison’s radical bookstores, the people and strategies that made People’s Bookstore a success, and how that lead to founding a cooperative that runs the still existing bookstore.
There is a saying that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, so knowing something more about how Madison’s radical bookstores were successful in the past can contribute to those efforts to sustain it in a very difficult environment for independent bookstores.

Supplies: N/A

Contact: Roger Horowitz at

Events are free, all-ages, open to the public, and held at Rainbow Bookstore Co-operative, 426 W Gilman St, Madison WI 53703.

For more info, contact individual facilitators, event coordinator at,, or find us on Facebook.

Radical Summer Skool is committed to creating a safer space: A Safer Space Policy exists to, as best as we can, eliminate any oppressive actions, behaviors, and language in our space. These include (but are not limited to) mental and physical ableism, ageism, cissexism, classism, heterosexism, nationalism, racism, sexism, sizeism, speciesism, and transphobia. We strive to provide a community space that is safe and welcoming, and prioritize the needs of those typically marginalized by society, particularly people who are without shelter and/or jobs. Please feel free to approach a cooperative member in confidence should anyone here make you feel unsafe. Whenever possible, we may ask people to change or address unsafe behavior or language. As a last resort, we reserve the right to ask people to leave. (Adopted from the Red & Black Cafe, Portland OR)

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ShareFest: Celebrating a Sharing Economy


Wednesday, May 28th from 5-8 pm
At the Tenney Park Shelter, 1414 East Johnson Street, Madison

Join Dane County TimeBank and Madison Free Skool in celebrating a sharing economy at a fun, free community event filled with food and many activities. Featuring all evening: a potluck (along with grilled items being served by TimeBank members), refreshing beverages, a Stuff Swap, plant and seed exchange, kids activities, and hourly skill share workshops.

Please help us reduce waste by bringing your own cup, silverware, and plate.

Skill Share Workshops
Bird, Bat, & Bee House Building – John Peck
Screen Printing – Brandon Low
Edible Plant Walk – Mary Eberle
Sewing Basics – Enid Williams
Reducing Carbon Footprint – Jim Winkle
Wood Carving – Richard Kessler
Seed Saving – Clint Freund
Simple Spanish for Kids – Katie Pajac

All people are welcome to join and participate – bring your friends and neighbors! Share the word with others – no cost to attend. Earn TimeBank hours helping with set-up, clean-up, or throughout the event. For more information contact us at or 608-663-0400.

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Reciprocal Listening Training

The first Wednesday of the month through May, please join us for a skill building session on “Reciprocal Listening” – an easy and accessible way to enhance listening skills and receive listening through learning a technique for exchanging listening time.  Useful for your life and for using in groups.

Drop-ins welcome.

When:  Wed May 14, 5:30-7:30 pm
Where: A Place To Be, 911 Williamson St

(sorry some stairs, no elevator at this location)

Tea and light snack provided.

Info at:

Hope to see you! ~ Amy

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Guitar Lessons

Get started learning guitar!   Musician, Richard Kessler, will offer guidance to: learn basic techniques, find free music on the Internet, and develop your creative expression.

If interested, please contact Richard on Facebook at:

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