Discussion on the Coming Explosive Consequences of Obama’s Interventions in Eastern Europe & the Middle East

Ukraine 1

Adam Schesch, PhD in the history of comparative guerrilla movements and counterinsurgencies, will discuss how in the past ten years President Obama has handed control of US foreign policy to pro-interventionist hawks. They disregard fundamental underlying factors of conflict such as unresolved ethnic and religious grievances, shifting demographic patterns, distorted economic developments which exclude the vast majority of local populations from extractive wealth flowing out of their regions, and dramatic climate change and loss of livelihoods.

Instead the US foreign policy establishment has stepped-up “irregular” and covert warfare to try to contain and suppress the growing explosive contradictions. A retired state worker and former antiwar and labor organizer, Adam holds a Ph.d. in the comparative history of resistance, revolutions and counter-insurgencies. He will present the left-wing equivalent of a CIA/National Intelligence Council long-term assessment of the situations in the Middle East and European zones.

Sponsored by the Peregrine Forum and the Madison Free Skool. Info? #608-284-9082.

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