Book Discussion: Mayor 1%: Rahm Emanuel and the Rise of Chicago’s 99%

14 Teachers strike Pilsen

7:00 pm Wed Nov 12

Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative – 426 W Gilman St

Author, Kari Lydersen will discuss her new book – published by Haymarket Books in 2013 and available at Rainbow Bookstore – detailing Rahm Emanuel’s political career and his symbolism as a New Democrat and a proponent of privatization and austerity at the municipal level. It also chronicles the way Chicago labor, faith, community and other popular groups have united in response to Rahm’s policies, plans and process. This battle is heating up right now as the February mayoral election approaches.

Though Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis was tragically forced to withdraw from the race for health reasons, the popular uprising that she represents is still a force for Rahm to reckon with.

Kari is a journalism instructor and co-director of the Social Justice News Nexus at Northwestern University which brings together professional journalists and grad students to report on issues including, currently, mental health care. Kari formerly worked for The Washington Post out of the Midwest bureau and for the New York Times via the Chicago News Cooperative. She is the author of four other books, most recently one chronicling the struggle to close Chicago’s coal-fired power plants, published by Midwest Energy News. More at

Info: 608-257-6050

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