Are You What You Eat? – Amazing Adventures in the History of Agriculture!


Join the Madison Free Skool for a six part Fall 2014 community potluck and discussion series at Rainbow Bookstore – Mondays at 6:30 pm through October and November, hosted by John E. Peck of Family Farm Defenders!

Does it matter if the earth is dead or alive? Do we call it animal science or animal husbandry? How come it is so hard to grow food in the city? Where have all the peasants gone? Why do food/farm workers deserve a living wage? Should food be treated as a weapon? As a human right? What does it mean to say UW-Madison is a land grant college? Is food irradiation or seed patenting a good idea? What about the fence or the plow? What’s the difference between food security and food sovereignty?

These are just some of the questions related to the magic and science, discoveries and debates in agriculture that we’ll explore! Selected optional readings will be avalable before each session.
Bring a dish or drink to share if you wish – local food especially encouraged!

The tentative series schedule is as follows:

Mon. Oct. 13th 6:00 pm Introduction
Mon. Oct. 20th 6:00 pm Water & Soil
Mon. Oct. 27th 6:00 pm Plants & Animals
Mon. Nov. 10th 6:00 pm Skills & Tools
Mon. Nov. 17th 6:00 pm Family Farmers & Food Workers
Mon. Nov. 24th 6:00 pm Wrap-Up

For more info, please contact:

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