Economics For the Rest of Us! Discussion Series

It has been called the “dismal science” and even an “advance form of brain disease,” but economics can actually be useful, radicalizing, and empowering if approached in a different way!   Are people greedy or altruistic?  What is value and wealth?   Is competition or cooperation more efficient?

In this five part series, we’ll explore some of the major schools of economic thinking (neoclassical, institutionalist, neomarxist),  the ways they look at the world, and the “solutions” they propose to economic challenges that face all human societies.

Hosted by John Peck

Mon. Oct. 21st – Kickoff Discussion – overview of basic concepts and conventional assumptions
Mon. Nov. 18th – Land & Property – Who decides who owns what?  Why can I no longer save seeds?
Mon. Dec. 16th – Work & Labor – (topic postponed due to inclement weather)
Mon. Jan. 13th – Work & Labor – How is value produced?  Who benefits?  Why do I hate my job so much?
Mon. Jan. 27th – Capital & Debt – Who owes whom what?  How is money created?  Are banks necessary?  And if time:  If we created our own economic system from scratch what would it look like?

Location:  Madison InfoShop, 1019 Williamson St (basement of Nature’s Bakery)  6:30 pm
Short readings available.  Drop-ins welcome.  Questions or to be on contact list:

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